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Automate your day with our end-to-end features & intuitive workflows. We are re-defining the role of a Property Manager - adding value to landlords and tenants in more ways than simply collecting rent and facilitating trades.

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For Agencies


A whole new approach to Property Management.
The Managed App is here to connect your investors, tenants & tradies with automated processes allowing you to focus on service & growth


Action Centre

The Managed App Action Centre is your digital ‘to-do’ list'. Everything you need to do as a Property Manager is captured here and forms part of an intuitive workflow that guides you through the necessary steps while automating communication and admin along the way.

  • Messaging, photos, videos, PDFs and payments all in the one thread

  • A personalised Action Centre for each team member

  • Set tasks based on assigned Property Managers, offices, teams and/or agency permissions

  • Say goodbye to email

Intuitive, automated workflows.

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Managed Maintenance

Our intuitive maintenance workflow and extensive tradie marketplace provides accurate job reporting, competitive pricing and instant payments to tradies.

  • Streamline communication and scheduling

  • Simple approvals

  • Access creditor profiles

  • Automated invoicing

  • Pay tradies instantly

Redefining repairs and maintenance.

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Managed Inspect

Managed Inspect reports on a property’s condition only not in the report format you’re used to. Whether it’s an ingoing, outgoing or routine, our workflow guides you through the process to deliver information to your client in a much more accurate, intuitive way.

  • Automatic scheduling

  • No more ‘reports’

  • No more paper

  • Intelligent tasks to help add value for your landlords

A whole new way of capturing a property’s condition.

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Insights & Performance

View your agency though different lenses. Fast-track growth, boost service levels, increase profit & most importantly, keep team morale up!

  • Operational insights and workflow reports

  • Financial performance

  • Rent Roll stats

  • Risk & compliance management

True agency performance metrics and operational insights

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Managed Pay

The first & only fully-automated payment platform for property management.

  • No more daily downloads

  • No more reconciliations

  • Automated arrears, Automated receipts

  • No more disbursements

  • No such thing as ‘End of Month’

We have re-imagined payments.


Managed Forms

A fully-digital, paperless forms experience. From leases to agency agreements and everything in between.

  • Build a custom suite of digital forms

  • Auto-fill from user profiles and approvals

  • Electronic signing

Save your agency hours (and save some trees)

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Managed Leasing

From scheduling to applications, the Managed Leasing module guides your team through the leasing process and automates all the mundane tasks along the way.

  • Predictive leasing workflows

  • Send your properties to listing portals

  • Automate communications

  • Track, auto-check and approve live tenancy applications

Drive down vacancy for your landlords.

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Your Managed App

Customise your version of the Managed App. From bespoke workflows to branding and personalised notifications.

  • Bespoke branding

  • Personalised communications

  • Customised forms and workflows

Let us be your point of difference

It’s time to future-proof your agency

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