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We are ensuring agencies become synonymous with experience & equality. Tenant’s can access their lease, manage & control live payments plus request & track maintenance - from any device, anywhere.

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Managed App for Tenants


Your home at your fingertips.

We’re all about creating a better real estate experience and making life easier.


Payment Flexibility

The Managed App gives you some options as to how you pay and allows you to track all past, current and future payments from your Tenant Profile.

  • Choose from BPAY, Direct Debit or Credit Card and change any time in your settings

  • See a live payment list of rent you have paid and next rental items due

  • Receive reminders automatically so you know when rent is about to be processed

  • Instant payments receipts upon your payment being received

We have re-imagined payments.

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Your live Tenant Profile

Access all your data at any time including tenancy agreements, transaction history, by-laws, condition reports etc. You can find this all in the app so you no longer have to contact your Property Manager and request they send a copy to you.

  • Tenancy agreement and your ingoing report

  • Building by-laws and rules

  • Emergency tradie contact details

  • Your full payment history

  • Update your personal profile at any time to make applications seamless

Your personalised profile for all things tenancy related.

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Maintenance & Other Requests

Rather than calling your Property Manager or sending an email/sms you now jump into the app from your computer, phone or iPad.

  • Lodge detailed maintenance requests easily, from any device

  • Chat with your property manager in the app

  • Track the status of each request so you know exactly where it’s up to

  • If you need help with something else, you can create a general request too

  • Receive notifications when a task changes or you need to action something

Seamless engagement with your property manager.

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