A Marketplace powered by Australia’s leading real estate agencies. We’re connecting tradies with qualified work orders & giving you the tools to deliver a higher standard of service to more people.

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 Managed App for Tradies


The Managed Tradie Marketplace is a platform for Australia’s top tradies to be connected to industry leading real estate agencies.
Work orders, invoicing, payments and lead generation all in the one place.


Faster Payments

The Managed Tradie Marketplace is unique as a property manager can send funds to you instantly upon a job being successful completed.

  • No more waiting until the end of the month

  • No need to wait until the tenant pays rent

  • Direct payments with automated receipting

Experience cashflow like never before.

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Clear Instructions

Receive accurate descriptions, photos/videos, access times, instructions and tenant contact details for each request.

This will streamline each job making it easier, faster and more profitable for you. There is also no need to download yet another clunky app to manage work orders. We simply deliver requests directly to your email inbox and follow up with an SMS so you don’t miss any!

More efficient & profitable jobs

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More Jobs

Your tradie profile is shared with every agency that is powered by the Managed App. This means more jobs, more often, in the same areas with greater consistency.

  • Access more work orders

  • Create a public profile to make yourself available to all agencies within your service area

Seamless business development

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Be connected to Australia’s leading agencies.