Managed is an intuitive new platform that connects property managers with their landlords​,​ tenants​ & tradespeople​. This comprehensive new tool brings together all facets of property asset management into one easy to use platform while a revolutionary new payment gateway provides payment alternatives for over-worked property managers.

Join the Managed movement and open up a new world of opportunity. Organise, track and manage repairs and maintenance quickly and easily. Reduce arrears with greater transparency for managers and landlords. Communicate more efficiently with all stakeholders associated with the assets under your management. Spend your valuable time ​on the important tasks by minimising repetitive, low-return activities.

So who built managed and why?

Managed was designed by Thom Richards​. A former frustrated ​agency owner who knew there had to be a better way to manage a ​property management business.​ H​e’s the first property manager to build a full service platform with comprehensive inside knowledge of exactly what the best professionals need to deliver​ exceptional​ results to their landlords.

“After ​founding and running a fast growing Surry Hills ​agency I decided that if no one else could build the platform I needed to​ ​run my business effectively, I’d do it myself.​ ​I had a clear idea of what I needed but wanted to be sure that my peers​ ​felt the same way so I met and talked to more than 50 property managers​ ​across Australia to make sure that I had all bases covered.​ ​The result has been astounding​ and I have used this feedback to completely​ ​revolutionise the tools that managers have at their disposal.

Thom teamed up with innovator and tech expert Nick Bouris and leading real estate resource REB to build, launch and spread the word about the new Managed platform. Be part of the Managed movement​.


Managed Partners




We are only as strong as our team. We promote collaboration and shared responsibility for our team allowing individuals to learn from others and aspire to new levels.

Managed GROW


Every team member of Managed has an opportunity to progress to partner. We nurture your growth to help you become a leading advisor in the property management world.



Managed is about doing things differently. Our technology and processes are not designed to enhance existing property management, we are here to turn the industry on its head. We love to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who will push boundaries and collectively develop our offering further.

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