An introduction to our company, our team and our partners.

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The Managed App is Australia’s leading property management and investment platform.

We connect property managers, investors, tenants and tradespeople on one intuitive app.

Our unique technology fully-automates payments and further streamlines all property management processes to drive performance, automation and efficiencies within our industry.

The result – our property managers and their clients will be part of the most powerful investment community in the country.



Our Partners

Momentum Media
Shareholder & Media Partner




We are only as strong as our team.
We promote collaboration and shared responsibility for our team allowing individuals to learn from others and aspire to new levels.



Managed is about doing things differently. Our technology and processes are not designed to enhance existing property management, we are here to turn the industry on its head. We love to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who will push boundaries and collectively develop our offering further.