Have You Ever Wondered Why Training Sometimes Doesn’t Stick?


You take your team to a major conference and while they are there they are engaged, motivated and they take down loads of ideas and notes. So, why is it that when you get back to the office little or nothing gets implemented or put into practice?

You would think that the money and time invested in the event should return some dividends, right? Chances are things are now back to the way they were before you and your team attended the conference.

Are You Watching Your Money Go Down the Drain?

If you have a few years of real estate leadership up your sleeve, you have likely been to quite a few of these major conferences and are frustrated with this ‘turn theory into practice’ issue. You are not alone, it is rife through the industry.

In fact, it is common that you and your team are likely to implement less than 10% of what was learnt if left solely up to the information delivered at the event.

Are You Training for Education or Entertainment?

This is the problem with a lot of major conferences. Much of it is designed for entertainment, to get sales and bums on seats. Some of these conferences are at times a little like concerts, you jump around, wave your hands in the air and massage the person to your left. Okay, perhaps it’s not all like this. On the upside, you do get to hear from top performers in the industry and key note speakers who are quite inspiring for other areas of your life.

Many top performers will talk about their amazing numbers and share their insights, but it can leave you asking, why do things work better for them than they do for me? What has been shared is just the tip of the iceberg, you don’t get a true understanding of the foundational structure.

Show Me The “More Than Meets the Eye!”

The information you gain at many major conferences simply doesn’t stick in your business because you don’t get the full picture, only the entertaining snippets. These top performers succeed because there is more to what they do than they can share on stage.

Even if they were to share everything, would you want to sit through a lengthy lecture on how they do business?  If so, would you implement everything they said to the letter?

Why Does Implementation Often Fail?

The motivation of any major conference will wear off and most people fall back into the same routine and habits that are literary ingrained into their world.

What if you could create an environment that supports the change you want to see in your business? An environment of success?

Be the Master of Your Domain

Your business is an environment created by you, the leader. If that environment is not producing the results you envisaged, then it’s time to look at the big picture! Don’t make the mistake and use the temporary motivation of an entertaining event to fix your world.

So, how can you evolve your business so that change occurs gradually, and habits shift naturally?

Creating Your Own Success Environment

To create a success environment in your business there are three important elements that you will need to have interconnected and supporting each other to make any changes stick.

  1. Internal Training – For knowledge and skill development

  2. Resources – Plant, property and equipment (PP&E) and documented systems and tools

  3. Coaching – Support and accountability with a feedback loop within the business

These three elements create an up to date internal training program, one that is backed by your full set of business resources which teaches your team to deliver the level of service you want. Tie this together with a coaching leadership style that supports the development of your team and your business.

In the future, when you attend a major conference, capture as many new ideas as possible, do a debrief with the team to collate all ideas in one location and then work out how these ideas could be used. For the great ideas that are relevant, update your current documented systems and add that system to your internal training plan so that the team is trained on how the idea applies to the way you do business.

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