Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cloud and how do I access it?

The cloud is just a fancy way of describing a website - in other words, you don’t need to install Managed anywhere, just log in from any device to securely access your information.

How do you offer Managed Core free of charge? How do you make money?

The concept of Managed is simple, drive profitability and efficiencies for our agencies. To help achieve this, we devised other ways to generate revenue that don’t include you paying for subscriptions! These include lead generation fees on our tradie marketplace and distribution fees for products and services.

Where is the Managed App developed?

The Managed App was developed in Sydney. Our team are a collection of the the most respected developers in the country and have an impressive resume of apps and technology. They are incredibly experienced in security, payments and scaling applications.

What training do you offer?

Managed has both in-house and remote training available for our agencies. We also have a very detailed support library that will help our agencies utilise all the features and functionality in the platform.

How do I Migrate from my old trust accounting software

We do that for you. Once you set up your profile, we plan a ‘Strategic Migration’ for you. Because there is not trust balance in Managed, you don’t need to move your whole rent roll in one fell swoop. We plan your migration and break it down into stages with our team there every step of the way.

Is your payment system fully compliant with my state’s legislation?

We have engaged one of the country’s leading law firms to investigate our technology’s processes and confirm they are compliant. Please contact us for further information.

Who do I contact if I have an issue?

When you create an agency profile with Managed, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be there to help you with any query you may have from migration to training and technical support.