Driving performance & portfolio growth. We are strengthening the connection between investor and Property Manager, using tools and unprecedented insights to drive growth and performance for your asset.

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Managed App for Investors


The Managed App gives you more control, more visibility & more insights into one of your most valuable assets.

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Real-time Transactions

Gone are the days of leaving your money in an agency’s trust account. The Managed App gives you the ability to customise your payment profile to suit your personal requirements

  • Maximise your cashflow

  • Keep more money in your property or offset account

  • Control how and when your pay for expenses

  • Use alternative payment methods like a Credit Card

  • Absolute security - no one is double-handling your funds anymore

  • Every transaction will match your ATO lodgement category so EOFY is simple

Absolute control & clarity around payments.


Tradie Marketplace & Quoting Tool

The Managed App offers your agency a marketplace of trusted trades plus a quoting tool to engage with them.

  • Easy for an agent to collect multiple quotes

  • Increased competition amongst trades to ensure fair pricing

  • Faster jobs with location based work orders and quoting

  • Track all quotes and submissions from your owner profile

An efficient way to drive down property costs.

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A Bespoke Portfolio

You can customise your property portfolio and access your all your property information anywhere, anytime by logging into your investor profile.

  • Customise ownership entities, payment methods and bank accounts per property

  • Invite other owners or consultants (ie an accountant) to access your property information

  • Access all agreements, leases, statements, reports, by-laws, condition reports etc

  • Update your contact details, property information

  • If you have multiple properties you can consolidate them (regardless of location or agency) in the one profile

A truely personalised investor profile

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Seamless Communication

Everything your property manager does is logged in your profile - from maintenance through to rent reviews, routine inspections and everything in between.

  • Receive notifications when tasks are scheduled

  • Track all requested maintenance & improvements from start to finish

  • Track status updates and be alerted when approval is required

  • Message with your agency directly from the app

  • or… turn it all off! You can mute notifications and request a phone call instead

No more being left in the dark.

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Investor tools

See all your property’s performance stats, home loan & equity tracking, cash flow forecasts and financial summaries in one place. You will also soon have access to our depreciation calculators and purchasing tools such as feasibility and home loans calculators.

  • Live transactions and reports

  • Forecast your expenses and receive reminders before payments are due

  • Build out your property financial profile

Next level insights into your property financials & performance.


Is your agency powered by the Managed App?

If not, it’s time to switch. Find an agency who can offer you this functionality below.