Managed is an end-to-end solution that drives business growth and efficiency. Gone are the days of having 8 different tabs open on your browser, using different services from different providers just to get through your day, entering data several times over and paying exorbitant subscription costs to multiple companies.


Managed Pay

Automated, not outsourced.

The first & only fully-compliant payment system that eliminates the need to run a trust account in a property management business.

No more daily downloads.
No more reconciliations.
No more disbursements.
No such thing as End of Month.

We have re-imagined payments.


Managed Maintenance

Helping you with maintenance from start to finish.

Our intuitive maintenance workflows and extensive tradie marketplace ensure accurate job reporting, competitive pricing and instant payments to tradies.

Streamline communication and scheduling
Simple approvals
No more entering creditors
No more chasing invoices
No more waiting for a tenant to pay rent

Redefining repairs and maintenance.


Managed Inspect

Forget condition reports.

Managed Inspect reports on a property’s condition only not in the report format you’re used to. Whether it’s an ingoing, outgoing or routine, our workflow guides you through the process to deliver accurate information to your client in a much more accurate, intuitive way.

Automatic scheduling
No more ‘reports’
No more paper
Intelligent tasks to help add value for your landlords

A whole new way of capturing a property’s condition.


Managed Leasing

Step up the leasing process

From scheduling to applications, the Managed Leasing module guides your team through the leasing process and automates all the mundane tasks along the way.

Predictive leasing workflows
Send your properties to listing portals
Automate communications

Drive down vacancy for your landlords.


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